My only real hobby away from Motherwell Football Club is Subbuteo, those finely detailed ‘wee mens’ as my daughter Clare T. puts it. Almost everyone of my generation has played Subbuteo but I’ll bet not many have gone back to it after a gap of, oohhh what…..20 years at least. Not that I was any good at it, and I’m still not, but ability doesn’t have to hinder enjoyment of the game. I renewed interest when we moved into our first house and my box of Subbuteo from my childhood was moved with us, the thought came to me that there was potential for a wee bit daftness. I got a few of the lads down one Sunday for the inaugural One Step Beyond Subbuteo tourney, big carry-oot, and a right good carry-on, none of us particularly skilful at the game, and the proper finger flicking technique was universally ignored in favour of a more comfortable method. So enjoyable was that night that calls were made for another, then another, but it sort of died away as I became busier (and each of the weans came along, difficult enough with initially only Amber to invade the pitch never mind Clare & Evan as well).  

But the bug had bitten again and I set out to add to my collection of teams which then stood at around 20 or 30. Top of the shopping list was obviously any Motherwell teams I didn’t have, I found the numerous Subbuteo sites on the web, and my collection rapidly grew to over 150. I’ve also been able to complete my replica Fir Park Subbuteo stadium, with the miniature terraces and stands, although the cost of spectators means the stadium is about as full as some of our darkest 1st Division days. The gallery shows my complete collection if you’re prepared to go through it all.

HW 1 Generic red team, start of most collections. I liked this one with black inners on the base, little bit different from the norm.

HW 2 Generic blue team, also shown is a variant with black inners of which I have only one spare player. 

HW 3 West Brom with white sleeves. Variant shown with striped sleeves is listed as Huddersfield I believe. 

HW 4 Stoke City with unusual blue outer base 

HW 5 Man City, standard sky blue team 

HW 6 Watford  

HW 7 West Ham

HW 8 Newcastle.  One of my original teams from my childhood 

HW 9  Sunderland, another of my earliest purchases, obviously my Whitley Bay holidays had an effect. 

HW 10 Fulham 

HW 11 QPR and their famous blue & white hoops. 

HW 12 Bristol Rovers, unmistakeable quartered jerseys. 

HW 13 Blackpool 

HW 14 Bournemouth, or Albania to be more exotic 

HW 15 Bohemians 

HW 16 Arsenal 

HW 17 Sheffield Wednesday 

HW 18 Bury 

HW 19 Crystal Palace or Barcelona 

HW 20 Hamilton Accies early version with black shorts 

HW 21 Leeds Utd 

HW 22 Stockport 

HW 23 Bradford 

HW 24 Queens Park 

HW 25 Celtic 

HW 26 Bangor 

HW 27 Hearts 

HW 28 Norwich Original team had white socks. Variant shown later issue with green stripes one sleeve 

HW 29 Partick Thistle 

HW 30 Cambridge 

HW 31

HW 32

HW 33

HW 34

HW 39

HW 40 

HW 41

HW 42


HW 44 GB

HW 44 WB

HW 45

HW 46

HW 47

HW47 Var

HW 48

HW 49

HW 49 Var

HW 50

HW 51

HW 52

HW 53

HW 54

HW 55

HW 56

HW 57

HW 58

HW 59

HW 60

HW 65

HW 67

HW 68

HW 71

HW 72

HW 73

HW 74

HW 75

HW 76

HW 77

HW 78

HW 79

HW 80

HW 81

HW 85

HW 86

HW 90

HW 91

HW 92

HW 93

HW 100

HW 101

HW 102

HW 119

HW 128

HW 132

HW 133

HW 134

HW 135

HW 136

HW 151

HW 153

HW 154

HW 155

HW 156

HW 157

HW 159

HW 162

HW 163

HW 164

HW 166

HW 167

HW 168

HW 169

HW 170

HW 170 Var

HW 171

HW 179

HW 183

HW 185

HW 185a

HW 185m

HW 190

HW 191

HW 192

HW 193

HW 194

HW 196

HW 204

HW 205

HW 206

HW 207

HW 208

HW 209

HW 211

HW 214

HW 215

HW 228

HW 236

HW 248

HW 255

HW 256

HW 258

HW 265

HW 266

HW 267

HW 268

HW 269

HW 270

HW 287

HW 298

HW 300

HW 309

HW 312

HW 313

HW 313 Var

HW 317

HW 318

HW 319

HW 320

HW 321

HW 322