The Annuals

As a kid I loved football comic strips. I had hundreds of Roy of the Rovers comics (as well as others like Scoop, Scorcher n Score, Tiger etc.) which were thrown out when my Nan and Aunt came visiting and decided to spring clean my room. My pile of comics were duly dumped much to my chagrin. In later life I turned to collecting annuals by way of solace, it took me years to find every one I was after but I saw it as a challenge to replace my lost comics and took great satisfaction in finally tracking down the last few sought after books following years of searching.  

Roy of the Rovers – Full set 1958 – 1994 (not produced in 76 & 77) 

 Roy Race first featured in Tiger comic but warranted his own annual in 1958. The comic didn’t arrive until 1976 but the annuals were always greeted with much anticipation at Christmas time by youngsters across the country. Sadly falling demand saw them finish in 1994 but there were a few attempts to restore the title to prominence, all of them doomed to failure. But the collectable appeal remains for those of us of a certain age. And I’ve been fortunate enough to find all of the original books and keep up to date with later releases. There has recently been a reboot of the name but too many changes for my liking to try fit in with a new audience demand so I prefer to stick with the nostalgic outlook of my old originals. 

Scoop – Full set 1980-1985 

Annuals lasted from 1980 until 1985 sadly, decent read too but the market fell away. 

Scorcher – Full set 1971 – 1984 

As shown with Scoop the bottom fell out of the annual market in the mid-80s. 

Score – Full set 1972 – 1984 

Again finished in 1984 sadly. 1986 must have been a terrible year for kid not quite grown up. 

Football Picture Story Monthly – Full Set 1 – 418 see for cover pics of all issues. 

These were small Commando style magazines which I found out about during train journeys to matches. For some reason I could only find them in train station shops then. They were released in pairs on a monthly basis I believe so I would buy both and read them during the journey. I managed to collect all 418 of them before getting rid a few years ago, pity I didn’t scan them all for show but you can see them all at my comics in their glory. Here are a few I kept basically because they featured kits similar to Motherwell.