Mj’s Box – Pretty plain to see my earliest musical influences going through the contents of this box. My good pal Skin asked me one day if I had kept all my 2-Tone vinyl which of course I had. He invited me to bring them up to his Mod night called Melting Pot and I would get a chance to play them, which I did. Along with Stuart Leggate & Scott Cardwell, Skin kept Melting Pot going for nigh on 20 years, with various guests and residents along the way. Dr Skazoid, Bob Todd, Jon Wedlock, Gary Love, Jim Wilson, Spider and plenty more over the years. After a few months I reckoned my 2-Tone wouldn’t last long before folk were looking for something a bit different so I added to my initially meagre vintage collection of vintage Ska & Reggae from various sources until I was fairly confident I had enough to keep me going. Of course you never stop adding records so this is just where we are now. There may be more to come yet.