When I was Dj’ing at Melting Pot I knew next to nothing about the Soul scene. I knew I liked Motown from my Skinhead days but I never stopped to consider the vast array of wonderful songs I was missing out on by concentrating on my early influences of mainly Ska & Reggae to the exclusion of pretty much all others. The early House & Hip Hop years opened my eyes to something different but Melting Pot took that to a whole new level. The tunes I heard Skin, Scott & Stuart playing, along with the other guest Dj’s, just blew my mind at times. So much so I started buying up some of my favourites and my daughter Clare showed an interest after listening to the CD’s I would play in the car.  

From there she actually started Dj’ing herself, making her debut at Melting Pot at the tender age of 11 years old. No option to back out now, I just had to continue filling up her record box as best I could. Great thing for me was I would buy the ones I liked when I heard the lads playing them, so every time Clare played a set I would like every single record. Only slight issue was she would cut the grass of some of them by playing tunes they intended to play but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? These will be mostly 60s Soul, R&B & Northern with some more modern ones near the end, again pointed out for us by the Melting Pot lads.